Continental Drift

Day 1
While the world is moving in to the present location India is moving in to present day Asia

1. What year did Alfred Wegner propose the idea for a continental drift 1920 -1922

2. What was the name he gave to the super continent that exists long ago "the Pangea of the carboniferous"

3.What is the origin of the term Pangea The Ancient Greek word Mother earth

external image A08.gif1395162230299.1 (1).jpg

day 3
  1. Until the end of the second world war, most scientists imagined the ocean floor to look like what? (2 points)

Most scientist imagined the ocean floor to be like a dessert flat with nothing on it.

  1. How many miles long is the mid Atlantic Ridge? (1 point)
The mid Atlantic is 12000 miles long

  1. The average seafloor depth is about how deep? (1 point)

The average seafloor depth is 4000-5000 meters

  1. The mountains of the mid-Atlantic Ridge sit on average about how much higher than the surrounding seafloor? (1 point)
The mountains of the mid Atlantic sit about 2 and a half kilometers higher

  1. True or false: Harry Hess discovered that the age of the seafloor becomes progressively younger as it moves farther away from the mid-ocean ridge.

That is false he did Harry Hess discovered that but it was the older it was the farther away it was and the younger it was the closer

  1. Hess discovered that molten lava erupted along the mid-ocean ridges, creating new seafloor. As the new seafloor formed, it pushed old seafloor away from the ridge. What term did Hess give to this process? (1 point)
That is true he did discover that and the term he called it is sea floor spreading

  1. The process that recycles the crust of the spreading ocean floor back inside the Earth is called what? (1 point)
The process of recycling the earths crust back into the earth is called Subduction

day 2
Specific Example
Puzzle-like Fit
If you put the continents together they would match perfectly The shapes of the continents match
India Australia Antarctica are at the bottom of Africa and North America and on the very top was Eurasia. They make a super continent
external image pangea.gif
land animal fossils have been found in different continents that were the same and plants
The plants and animals match from continent from continent. the metosores is a great example
external image mesosaur.jpg
If you look at some of the rocks from to continents they are broken because when the earthquake happened and the landmasses moved the boulders could be broken in two. they also match
Some mountains are split by the earthquake and both sides can be anywhere in the world
external image mountainevidence.jpg
It made new mountains and it made a physical feature of the lithosphere. Also some continents have similar features and some plant fossils are in some Continents were they could not live at
Glaciers deposit in present day Africa like the Val river in South Africa
external image PermianGeogr281Ma.jpg
external image Layers-of-Earth.jpegday 4

Displaying photo.JPG
Displaying photo.JPG

Continental Continental divergent

Bread = continents

When two continents collide making the smaller ongo underneath the bigger one making a hill

Whip cream =

Day 5
Boundary Type
Oceanic-oceanic divergent
Two oceanic's coming apart making magna come up and making the ground cave in on its self
An island might be made and a deep hole will be made in the ocean were it caved in
external image exp5_divergent.GIF
alfagia rift valley
Oceanic-oceanic convergent
Two oceanic plates move towards each other. One is pushed down into the asthenosphere and begins to melt.
The smaller oceanic will go under the bigger one and when it hits magma rocks will start to go up with the warm water making a chain of islands
external image tectonics-collide.jpg
Japan on the Aleutian islands
Continental-continental divergent
Two continents colliding making an earthquake
an earthquake will happen rising mountains and plateaus and every year the mountain will grow from that strong earthquake
external image Module10-014.gif
Great african rift valley. Baikal rift zone. Red Sea rift
Continental-continental Convergent
Both of the continentals collide forcing land upwards making huge mountains and Plautus
Neither plate is able to be pushed down into the aesthesnosphere. There is a creation of very high mountains, folds in the crust, and an elevated plateau.
external image contvscont289x153.gif
Mount Everest
Oceanic-continental convergent
When an oceanic plate and a continent collide the oceanic plate goes under the continent
A trench is made and soon magma will bring rocks up to the trench and make a volcano under water
external image Convergence2.gif
Cascadia Subduction Zone
Two plates gliding against each other till one slips and goes over the other
earthquakes will happen and earth will fold up making mountains
external image 7999875_orig.jpeg
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