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A cinder cone is a volcano madse out of ash cinder and hepra.It is also not explosive

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A seild volcano is very wide very short and very smooth. It also is mafic

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A strato Volcano is ver high and old. It is also very explosive

Connor Lantz
Volcano folk tale

This is my folktale about how volcanoes were built and why there are so many volcanoes everywhere.

My folk tale is about a young knight named Mike meets a princess.They both love each other so much but the princess must ask her evil wizard father if she could get married.So she takes a ten day walk up to the wizards tower.Now the princess is there she opens the door and finds nobody in the room.She walks all the way up the stairs and then she finds the evil wizard.The evil wizard then turns around and throws a long stick on the ground Then the ground starts to shake and then the ground goes straight up so high it goes into the clouds.The princess is on top of the volcano un able to get down but then she notices that the top of the volcano is slowely caving in showing lava.

Later that day the evil wizard comes up to the knight and tells him if he ever wants to see the princess again he must climb the mountain.The knight immediately starts walking towards the volcano.The knight is walking there when he hears a loud boom.So loud that the ground starts to shake.It lasts for about five seconds than goes away.The knight continues walking.The knight finanly makes it to the volcano.There has been many earthquakes and shaking the knight knows he must hurry so he starts climbing to the top.

The knight then hears a loud scream and he starts to run.He sees the top and then the princess.He is so happy he runs write up the volcano and while he is running the ground breaks beneath him and he falls into the lava.The splash was so big that the the rest of the ground caves in and the volcano explodes.Later the evil wizard gets to the top feeling so bad he tells the king he killed them and the king then banishes the wizard to make volcanoes everywhere for the rest of his life