AA-Chunky,Sharp pieces floating in it
external image 035019.jpg
Pahoehoe-thin and ropey
external image phh.jpg
Tephra-small clastic blobs of ash +small rock fragments
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQufZp4WL9v8o63pLVQD-CPxWCe1Go1BnFs0iyUSW0nARRpCN4a
Volcanic Bomb-medium sized blobs of lava that are hardened in air
external image bomb2.jpg
Lava Tube-Rock Tube left over by lava
external image Lava-Tube-at-Undara.jpg
Andesite-volcanic rock
external image Andesite-porphyry_with_plagioclase_phenocrysts__OR_A.jpg
Rhyolite-volcanic rock
external image rhyolite3.jpg
Basalt-igneous rock
external image VessicularBasalt1.JPG
Silica-highly explosive
external image silica-sand-09-250x250.jpg


Shield volcano. Gently sloping,broad base,hot fluid lava USGS
Shield volcano. Gently sloping,broad base,hot fluid lava USGS

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbBVP5S0hg9OegtyhRwh87bgqdxRk3CKbwffYTODc8vijTH9BXsA
Very Wide
Very Short
Very Smooth Sides

external image composite%20stratovolcano%20USGS.png
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScGba-o9eJlDc76zFD0oRZjmnniEdboiAf5Gkq5oxlS8Y0pvt7MA
Very High
Very Old
Very Explosive

external image c964bd845e74fdb4db5ac94b2f412e39.jpg
external image Capulin_1980_tde00005.jpg
Big Pile of Ash,Cylinders,and Tephra


By:Andrew Marez
Mt.Etna is a stratovolcano.It is located in Sicily,Italy.It is on the convergent plate margin. It is the tallest active volcano on the continent of Europe.The elevation is 3,350 meters or 10,991 feet.That is pretty high elevation if I do say so myself.It is also the highest mountain in Italy.Mt.Etna covers 459 square miles.It is also the largest active volcano in Italy.external image wBzcHfFwDwAZoBrO9Ffipi_gG0_BfgPNzupoVNrXKSX_oztYk1HNXYJyuv8YBP6cgtRsoOotEtzUJsRu_TTJUwrNHQ8U-rVLj5rchwqvT67rawH53EQH4lOqaZfzfGkQaQ
The volcano’s activity began about half a million years ago.Mt.Etna had some bad and explosive eruptions about 35,000 to 15,000 years ago.That is very horrible if I do say so myself.The most recent collapse was about 2,000 years ago.I wouldn’t want to be near there if Mt.Etna erupted or collapsed anytime soon.external image cG2AG941gxzp0Zhu4gjbPGt62pQUJXxgN-DvcuOOgkp90mu5XL5n4ruJdhc8u3-9HVWhIbD8747_0XYDrUyTFDKGbHs4pk0ObuyI5ZjpbpAmx-MAkkSHyAs-z1qDqDmWPQ





Marez,Andrew #11
The Legend of Cao and Tao
Cao and Tao were two ancient Chinese warrior brothers.
They always fought with each other,but fortunately they never killed one another.
Their parents were tired of them fighting and when they tried to get them to make up they just went back to fighting.
The Big War
When Cao and Tao got into a big argument,over whose gang was better,they decided to have a big war to find out.
Both gangs had over 100 people.
Their parents tried to talk them out of it but they just couldn’t do it.
This war took months to prepare for.
Cao and Tao were both talking with their gangs about strategies to win the war.
Cao decided that he and his gang would just go for it because they thought that it would take Tao’s gang by surprise.
Tao decided that he and his gang would stay in one place and wait for Cao’s gang to come so they could get the advantage.
During these months Cao and Tao’s parents were talking if they should punish their children for engaging in war.
They decided that they would punish whoever won because they assumed that whoever won would kill the other brother.
After many months the war finally began.
Cao and Tao both used the strategies that they had come up with.
After about three days Cao and Tao were the only ones alive.
They decided to end the war in a draw because they were both too tired to go on.
The Punishment
Tao and Cao parents kept their promise and decided to punish both of them.
Since they had a good relationship with the gods they told them to punish their sons.
The gods decided to turn Tao and Cao into volcanoes.
That is the Tao and Cao volcanoes in China came to be.
People say that the Tao and Cao volcanoes erupt around the same time because they are arguing.