1. What year did Alfred Wegner propose the idea of continental drift ?
The year he proposed the idea of Continental drift was 1927.

2. What was the name he gave to the supercontinent that existed long ago?
The name he gave to the supercontinent that existed long ago was pangea.

3. What is the origin of the term "Pangea" ?
The origin of the term "Pangea" is that pan me entire and gea means mother Earth. They both come from Ancient Greek

photo (1).JPG

Specific Example
Puzzle-like Fit
The shape of the Continent fit like a puzzle.
The continents can fit like a puzzle and form one big continent called pangea. Coast of Africa and South America match.
Fossils match from different continents.
Cynognathus found in Africa and North America.
Rocks connected
Africa and South America have the same type of broad belt of rocks. Lava rocks in Africa and South America match.
Rocks and fossils are found at latitudes they could not live there.
Glacier deposit are found in Africa.


Name Alex Lim #8 Period Date 2/20/14
Earth Science: Bill Nye Seafloor Spreading Video Worksheet
Directions: Watch the Bill Nye Seafloor Spreading Video at __http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyMLlLxbfa4__. Use the information provided in the video and your knowledge of Earth Science to answer the following questions. Use complete sentences for full credit.

  1. Until the end of the second world war, most scientists imagined the ocean floor to look like what? (2 points)
Many scientist imagined the ocean floor to look flat and smooth.

  1. How many miles long is the mid Atlantic Ridge? (1 point)
The mid Atlantic Ridge is about 10,000 miles long.

  1. The average seafloor depth is about how deep? (1 point)
The average seafloor depth is 3 to 5 thousand meters deep

  1. The mountains of the mid-Atlantic Ridge sit on average about how much higher than the surrounding seafloor? (1 point)

Mid-Atlantic Ridge is about 2 miles.

  1. True or false: Harry Hess discovered that the age of the seafloor becomes progressively younger as it moves farther away from the mid-ocean ridge.

False, the seafloor becomes progressively older.

  1. Hess discovered that molten lava erupted along the mid-ocean ridges, creating new seafloor. As the new seafloor formed, it pushed old seafloor away from the ridge. What term did Hess give to this process? (1 point)
The term Hess gave to this process was Seafloor Spreading.

  1. The process that recycles the crust of the spreading ocean floor back inside the Earth is called what? (1 point)
The process that recycles the crust is called subduction.



Convergent: Coming together
Divergent: Coming apart
Transform: Moving parallel to each other
Oceanic crust: Thin but dense (heavy)
Continental crust: Thick but less dense (light)
Subduction: To move under another plate down into mantle
Boundary Type
Oceanic-oceanic divergent
plates come apart magma fills gap mid-ocean ridges
The result are Mid ocean ridges
external image exp5_divergent.GIF
Pacific Ocean.
Oceanic-oceanic convergent
Two oceanic plates move towards each other. One is pushed down into the asthenosphere and begins to melt.
The result is trenches under water
external image ocean-trench.gif
Aleutian Islands.
Continental-continental divergent
Plate move apart
The result is a rift valley and it can fill with water becomes an elongated sea
external image diverg.jpg
Great african rift valley. Baikal rift zone. Red Sea rift
Continental-continental Convergent
both plates collide creates very tall mountains
Neither plate is able to be pushed down into the aesthesnosphere. There is a creation of very high mountains, folds in the crust, and an elevated plateau.
external image Continental-continental_convergence_Fig21contcont.gif
Oceanic-continental convergent
The thin heavy oceanic crust goes under the continental crust.
The results are as it goes down melts ans rises creating coastal volcanoes.
external image oceanic_continental.gif
Andes Mountains.
Two plates sliding past each other
The results are cause Earthquake, and cause folded mountain
external image EFPlateP4.gif
San Andreas fault.
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earthquake- Energy release by movement between sections of crust

elastic limit- how much stress somethings can have before it breaks

fault- crack between sections of crust where movement occurs

hypocenter- Location underground where earthquake occurs.

Epicenter- Location on the above the hypocenter

seismograph- MACHINE that measures earthquake strength

seismogram- PAPER or PICTURE the seismograph makes

Magnitude- measure of energy release

Intensity- measure of shaking

P-wave - primary wave compression fast

S-wave - secondary wave transverse slow

Surface wave- odd responsible for most damage

compression- pushing together

tension- pulling apart

shear- moving past each other


external image GetCertificateImage_Email.php?quakeregion=SA&


external image ReverseFault.gif

caused by compression
Dip-Slip Normal

external image NormalFaultDiagram.jpg

caused by tension
Strike Slip

external image Strike-slip-fault-2ka1yb6.gif


external image 80153368.png

The mercalli scale is a scale that is a description of what people feel.

external image RichterScale.gif

The richter scale is how much energy released.